Meet Some of Vermont Most Prominent Drag Queens, Kings, & Entertainers

Amber LeMay

Amber LeMay is a prominent Vermont drag queen, best known as the co-founder of the drag troupe House of LeMay and host of the renowned "Amber Live!" show. With her sharp wit and engaging personality, Amber has become a beloved figure in the drag community over the past 25+ years. She uses her platform to entertain and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.

Instagram: @AmberLeMayLive

Carmen Gettit

A member of the House of LeMay, Carmen Gettit contributes to the group's lively and comedic drag shows that have become a staple in Vermont's drag community​ (Seven Days) Known for her Fierce Friday Performance, Drag Karaoke and Regional appearances.

Instagram: @CarmenGettit

Emoji Nightmare

Known for co-founding the Vermont chapter of Drag Queen Story Hour, Emoji Nightmare is a prominent figure in the state's drag community. They are involved in various performances and community events across Vermont, often focusing on individuality and activism​ (Home - LGBTQ Community Center)​​ (VTDigger)​.

Instagram: @EmojiNightmare

Katniss Everqueer

Katniss Everqueer is known for participating in events like Drag Queen Story Hour alongside Emoji Nightmare. They contribute to the inclusive and diverse drag culture in Vermont​ (VT Daily Chron)​. Also a prominent member of Green Mountain Cabaret and Essex Pride.

Instagram: @KatnissEverqueerVT

Mike Oxready

Mike Oxready - A prominent figure in the Vermont drag scene who co-founded the drag king troupe "New Cocks on the Block" and has been active in promoting drag king performances across the state​ (Seven Days)​​ (Home - LGBTQ Community Center)​.

Instagram: @Mike_OxReady

Miss Chekova

Miss Chekova is a Burlington based Drag Queen with a passion for everything theater! Vermont’s best (and only) theater-inspired drag queen. A vocally gifted singer and comedic performer on and off stage.

Instagram: @MissChekova

Rhedd Rhumm

Your Friendly Neighborhood Drag Queen. Showcasing versatility in the art of drag performance across Vermont & New Jersey. Hosting both Pride Events and Balls across the state. Their work in health and wellness brings education and awareness to critical ​across the community.

Instagram: @RheddRhumm

Sasha Sriracha

Known for their participation in local drag events, their incredible dance moves and choreography turn the heat up on stage. Demonstrating a broad range of talent​ (Home - LGBTQ Community Center)​.

Instagram: @Sasha_Sriracha10